The redevelopment of streets surrounding the Thirty Eight Elizabeth, including Elizabeth Street, Devonport Road, First Avenue and the pedestrian lane between Elizabeth Street and First Avenue is one step closer with the contract being awarded to Hawkins. Works started on First Avenue this month, with the installation of a central raised crossing. The streetscape upgrade is planned to be completed in time to coincide with the launch of the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development.

The upgrade of Elizabeth Street aims to create an attractive, safe, people-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. This will include a pedestrian-focussed, slow-speed environment for Elizabeth Street and its surrounds. The upgrade also contributes to the ‘green necklace’ of connected walkways around the city centre and reflects the redevelopment of Tauranga’s city centre as a place for people. This project is part of Council’s continuing journey to bring life back to the city centre and create a great place to live, work and visit.

Hawkins, who is also leading the construction of the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development, has been confirmed as the construction partner for the council-led streetscape improvement. This will allow for close coordination of the two projects.

Gareth Wallis, General Manager: Community Services at Tauranga City Council acknowledges the importance of the upgrade for the city centre.

“The city centre plays an important role as the commercial, cultural and civic heart of the sub-region and our community has told us that a vibrant city centre is one of the top things they’d like to see,” Mr Wallis said.

“Upgrading Elizabeth Street is another step towards this and one of many projects aiming to attract more people to live, work, play and invest in the city centre.

“It will increase business and economic activity and provide a space for everyone to enjoy and to move around safely.

“We will be working closely with Hawkins, our construction partner, and the surrounding businesses to make this project happen and keep people informed as we work our way through the development.”

Project manager of Thirty Eight Elizabeth, Brett Nicholls, says it is pleasing to see Council’s support of this critical area of town..

“The upgrade of Elizabeth Street will complement the transformational Thirty Eight Elizabeth development, which will be home to the new flagship Farmers retail store, along with boutique food and beverage offerings – all on track to be open for Christmas shopping. The first display townhouse and apartment will be available for public viewing in the last quarter of this year too. Construction of the towers, and fit-out of the apartments, will be ongoing until early next year.”

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