What is your role in the Farmers Tauranga Development project?
Project Manager – the day to day link between Hawkins, the consultants and Elizabeth Properties Limited.

What is your background?
Originally from the UK, I moved to NZ approximately eight years ago with my now fiancé. We’ve got two boys and a pug.

What do you like about working on the project?
The size, plus that it’s a true mixed-use development. So many items, like piling, have made it a complex project, but it’s starting to take shape after some long hard years.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Football – watching my dearly beloved Tottenham. Bike rides with the family, watching any sports live or on TV. Bunnings is my second home as I tear my house apart one room at a time.

Favourite Netflix show?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mindhunter, and Line of Duty – anything crime related.

You go-to song?
Under Pressure with Queen and David Bowie.