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Community spaces are markers of place in time, they define the enduring character of their urban environment and become synonymous with the identity of a community.

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Looking forward to later this year

August 30, 2021

In the fourth quarter of this year, the retail and dining at Thirty Eight Elizabeth will be open. The first apartments and townhouses at Elizabeth Towers won’t be far behind for viewing and purchasing.

The new building will feature 97 high-end apartments in two towers and 23 luxury townhouses. We are already fielding enquiries from interested buyers of what will be stunning homes. However, we are choosing to build before bringing the offering to the market to demonstrate its high level of thought, craftsmanship and quality – seeing is believing.

Building a legacy

August 30, 2021

Along with deep foundations and an all-steel frame that are built to last, the façade of the development is, quite simply, constructed from one of the best products in the world, specifically for multi-level developments like this one – the StoPoren Panel Façade System.

This approach is one of the first designs in the country to embrace the government’s new cladding guidance to create a safer world in our vertical landscape.

The system is based on solid construction with lightweight concrete. It is a ventilated cavity design, including a ventilated drainage cavity between the interior and exterior façades. This will provide residents with long-term building security against the elements. The cavity is not just watertight, it’s airtight, helping with the sustainability of the building as well.

StoPoren is made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and consists of sand, cement, lime, gypsum, water, and an expansion agent. When processed, this expands up to five times to achieve a weight approximately 20% that of concrete. Combined with ductile steel enforcement, the panels provide strength and security, guarding against substrate or seismic movement; are lightweight, incredibly robust, and are guaranteed to meet New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) requirements.

The non-combustible material also promises peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. This smart, functional build material has impressive fire-resistant properties to delay the spread of a fire and help protect occupants and premises.

StoPoren enhances the soundproofing of the building, reducing the sound transmission of external noise.

The aerated design also produces thermal qualities that support New Zealand energy-efficiency standards, providing exterior insulation against temperature fluctuations in the warm summer months, and as a barrier in the cool months. With lower energy costs and impressive environmental benefits, the StoPoren Panel Façade System consists of the ideal choice of building materials to create a comfortable environment.


The StoPoren Panel Façade System is a trusted façade solution for numerous builds throughout the country such as Zavos Corner in Wellington by Parsonson Architects.

Meet the team: Carlyn Morrison from Eireann Construction

June 14, 2021

Carlyn is a former beauty therapist who decided to make a career change and become a builder.

Carlyn was recently selected as a finalist in both the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ and ‘Rising Star’ categories in the National Association of Women in Construction Excellence (NAWIC) Awards 2021, competition, congratulations Carlyn!


What is your role in the Farmers Tauranga Development project?
I am working as an apprentice builder on site, and have been one of the team members involved in the construction of the 23 townhouses located on the retail podium.

What is your background?
Prior to starting my career with Eireann Construction I was a Beauty therapist.

What do you like about working of the project? 
The thing I like most is the projects large scale, and complexity. There is a lot going on, and it’s an exciting project to be a part of.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy fishing and spending time with my family.

Favourite Netflix show?
New Amsterdam

Your go-to song?
Unforgiven II (Metallica)

Surrounding street upgrades under way

June 14, 2021

The redevelopment of streets surrounding the Thirty Eight Elizabeth, including Elizabeth Street, Devonport Road, First Avenue and the pedestrian lane between Elizabeth Street and First Avenue is one step closer with the contract being awarded to Hawkins. Works started on First Avenue this month, with the installation of a central raised crossing. The streetscape upgrade is planned to be completed in time to coincide with the launch of the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development.

The upgrade of Elizabeth Street aims to create an attractive, safe, people-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. This will include a pedestrian-focussed, slow-speed environment for Elizabeth Street and its surrounds. The upgrade also contributes to the ‘green necklace’ of connected walkways around the city centre and reflects the redevelopment of Tauranga’s city centre as a place for people. This project is part of Council’s continuing journey to bring life back to the city centre and create a great place to live, work and visit.

Hawkins, which is alsoleading the construction of the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development, has been confirmed as the construction partner for the council-led streetscape improvement. This will allow for close coordination of the two projects.

Gareth Wallis, General Manager: Community Services at Tauranga City Council acknowledges the importance of the upgrade for the city centre.

“The city centre plays an important role as the commercial, cultural and civic heart of the sub-region and our community has told us that a vibrant city centre is one of the top things they’d like to see,” Mr Wallis said.

“Upgrading Elizabeth Street is another step towards this and one of many projects aiming to attract more people to live, work, play and invest in the city centre.

“It will increase business and economic activity and provide a space for everyone to enjoy and to move around safely.

“We will be working closely with Hawkins, our construction partner, and the surrounding businesses to make this project happen and keep people informed as we work our way through the development.”

Project manager of Thirty Eight Elizabeth, Brett Nicholls, says it is pleasing to see Council’s support of this critical area of town..

“The upgrade of Elizabeth Street will complement the transformational Thirty Eight Elizabeth development, which will be home to the new flagship Farmers retail store, along with boutique food and beverage offerings – all on track to be open for Christmas shopping. The first display townhouse and apartment will be available for public viewing in the last quarter of this year too. Construction of the towers, and fit-out of the apartments, will be ongoing until early next year.”

For more information, visit

Meet the team: Stewart Orgar, Project Manager

May 3, 2021

What is your role in the Farmers Tauranga Development project?
Project Manager – the day to day link between Hawkins, the consultants and Elizabeth Properties Limited.

What is your background?
Originally from the UK, I moved to NZ approximately eight years ago with my now fiancé. We’ve got two boys and a pug.

What do you like about working on the project?
The size, plus that it’s a true mixed-use development. So many items, like piling, have made it a complex project, but it’s starting to take shape after some long hard years.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Football – watching my dearly beloved Tottenham. Bike rides with the family, watching any sports live or on TV. Bunnings is my second home as I tear my house apart one room at a time.

Favourite Netflix show?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mindhunter, and Line of Duty – anything crime related.

You go-to song?
Under Pressure with Queen and David Bowie.

Team Focus: Smith Cranes

April 29, 2021


Smith Cranes used a larger mobile crane to lift down the 50 metre-long, 12 tonne jib in one piece to be dismantled on the ground. Other components of the tower crane were then lifted down piece by piece and loaded straight onto waiting transporting trucks. This was all completed in one single day – no mean feat!

Smith Crane and Construction Ltd has been in business since 1964 and has grown steadily over the past (almost) 50 years and has diversified into several divisions, including Smith CranesSmith CivilSmith PrecastSmith Heavy Haulage and Smith Building Relocation. Today Smith Crane and Construction Ltd employs around 170 staff.

The team is dedicated to finding innovative solutions and smarter ways of working. Smith Cranes is still operating the yellow tower crane on site until the third quarter of this year.

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