Along with deep foundations and an all-steel frame that are built to last, the façade of the development is, quite simply, constructed from one of the best products in the world, specifically for multi-level developments like this one – the StoPoren Panel Façade System.

This approach is one of the first designs in the country to embrace the government’s new cladding guidance to create a safer world in our vertical landscape.

The system is based on solid construction with lightweight concrete. It is a ventilated cavity design, including a ventilated drainage cavity between the interior and exterior façades. This will provide residents with long-term building security against the elements. The cavity is not just watertight, it’s airtight, helping with the sustainability of the building as well.

StoPoren is made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and consists of sand, cement, lime, gypsum, water, and an expansion agent. When processed, this expands up to five times to achieve a weight approximately 20% that of concrete. Combined with ductile steel enforcement, the panels provide strength and security, guarding against substrate or seismic movement; are lightweight, incredibly robust, and are guaranteed to meet New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) requirements.

The non-combustible material also promises peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. This smart, functional build material has impressive fire-resistant properties to delay the spread of a fire and help protect occupants and premises.

StoPoren enhances the soundproofing of the building, reducing the sound transmission of external noise.

The aerated design also produces thermal qualities that support New Zealand energy-efficiency standards, providing exterior insulation against temperature fluctuations in the warm summer months, and as a barrier in the cool months. With lower energy costs and impressive environmental benefits, the StoPoren Panel Façade System consists of the ideal choice of building materials to create a comfortable environment.


The StoPoren Panel Façade System is a trusted façade solution for numerous builds throughout the country such as Zavos Corner in Wellington by Parsonson Architects.